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During one period in the spirit of one, your family will like hospitality.

Breakfast tea

Welcome and farewell

Rooms and facilities


Can not eat in the cafeteria Delicious home-cooked Korean As for breakfast, and that
Later, tea or enjoy a cup of coffee.
Limousine bus to stop, pick-up and we'll send-off, even those of the first major peace of mind. Sell discounted tickets Bedding beautiful, convenient facilities, luxury hotel with all the same. If two or more nights free laundry. (However, washing your underwear, please.)









General of the United States, including telephone, telephone in Japan, the Korean mobile phone, telephone code, telephone etc.The seat is free. There is a private computer, you can use the Internet for free. Since the middle of the city, transportation is very convenient. 10 minutes by bus to downtown, 8 minutes walk to the nearest station, located close to the Seoul Station There are five nights or more discounted. We hospitality at a reasonable price.








Korean Practice

Seoul Tower from the window and see the building 63. Cherry blossoms in spring, summer green, autumn leaves, winter will be blessed with snow at the Nanshan.
Various programs are ready to experience the Korean culture. The private room has been set up for personal security safe. Is a pure Korean "Tsuyoshi" in Korean conversation practice of family and home, and test the pronunciation of the Korean Mimasho studied.